World of Warcraft Racing Stays Strong – Top Twitch Channels Feb. 03 – 09

Posted by GEVGA Editor February 13, 2020 in Esports

The World of Warcraft Race to World First comes to an end with both Method and Complexity Limit posting strong numbers.

For the first time, Method sees true competition in the race, bringing with it the first potential viewership competitor in the space.

The Rainbow Six Siege world championship, the Six Invitational, kicks off the game’s biggest viewership period of the year.

The following content is ranked according to the total number of hours watched on Twitch from Monday to the following Sunday, with data compiled using TEO Access.

Push it to the Limit

The newest raid in World of Warcraft has been fully cleared of all monsters, minions, and world-rending ancient gods, and for the first time since the major raid races became available for public viewing, esports organization Method was defeated. North American guild Limit, having recently partnered with Complexity Gaming, took first place.

Both Method and Complexity produced their own coverage of the race on their respective Twitch Channels, but Method drastically out-performed Complexity in viewership, generating 3.93M hours watched in the final full week of raiding. In fact, Complexity’s main broadcast was not the primary choice for spectators wanting to watch the leading guild compete.

Limit guild leader Max Smith outshined his organization’s higher production-value broadcast by streaming not only his perspective of the competition, but also allowing viewers to listen in on the guild’s voice communication – something that was unavailable for viewers of Method’s broadcast. By offering a unique perspective, and staying ahead in the race, Smith generated 1.80M hours watched last week.

Rainbow Six Takes Center Stage

While most of the top esports conclude their annual competitions in the latter half of the year, Rainbow Six Siege sits largely unopposed with its Six Invitational firmly rooted in early February. 

While the main competition will take place this coming weekend, the early rounds have already shot the game towards the top of the weekly rankings, generating 1.85M hours watched on the main channel alone. That number should only increase as the competition heats up and the stakes are raised heading towards championship Sunday.

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