Team Nostra (Nostra Gaming) Opens Recruitment

Posted by gevga March 12, 2019 in News

Hello and welcome to Team Nostra

We have the ambition to participate in events and competitions online for the moment to make us known, then to LANs, tournaments, when our means allow us.

We are recruiting a certain number of players for different game variations.

The games are as follows:

  • Overwatch (6 Slots)
  • PUBG (4 Slots)
  • CSGO (5 Slots)
  • LOL (5 Slots)
  • WoW (7 Slots)
  • Fortnite (3 Slots)

The atmosphere is both serious and relaxed; our aim is to have a good time while progressing in the competitiveness.

There are still several positions of responsibility available too!

If you want to apply to Team Nostra, please comment on the post below.

Recruitment’s will be done via Discord or Face to Face.



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