Posted by gevga August 10, 2018 in News

Introducing PUBG “Scrim Sessions”, powered by GEVGA!

Officially, every Tuesday have become a scrim night at GEVGA. We will be hosting weekly practice sessions for all players to get a taste of competing in SOLO, DUO and SQUAD FPP tournament environment, while the more senior players can being practicing for upcoming tournaments.

Matches will be broadcasted LIVE on In the future we will be casting/analysis provided by some of our favorite streamers and PUBG personalities.


All rounds played will be hosted by the GEVGA committee.

The server will also be created by the GEVGA committee and will be password protected. In order to access the password please check our Discord Channel.


Scrims Start: Tuesday 14th August, 2018


Every Tuesday: 21:00 -> 23:00 hrs


Region Lock: For now, there will be no region lock.


Players are reminded that GEVGA follows a no hacking and cheating policy at all times. Anyone caught cheating, hacking, or abusing the game in any type of manner will be completely banned from playing.


If players wish to stream their gameplay on their own channels, it is no issue.

PLEASE NOTE: A minimum of 5 minutes delay must be applied to your steam to combat stream sniping

If you have any queries regarding the tournament, please email us at or contact any of the GEVGA committee members.