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Apr 3, 2018

Gibraltar's eSports and Video Gaming Association (GEVGA) - a newly formed local Association which will look to organize and manage eSports in Gibraltar. It is with our launch that we wish to gather a demographic on the Online Gamers within Gibraltar as well as the most popular competitive games and platforms.

This being said we wish to bring forth some tournaments/leagues/competitions in order to fulfil our role and provide locals with a place to excercise their gaming skills at a competitive level, this will promote team play and competition on the local scene as well as proving who really is "The Best in Gibraltar" - A title thrown around very loosely amongst friends.

We will provide a safe and close knit community for people who wish to join and we aim to create a friendly playing environment in order to allow players to flourish and spread their wings with the correct management and guidance into the eSport Scene.

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