Escape From Tarkov Surges With Return of Drops – Weekly Twitch Top 10s, June 15 – 21

Posted by GEVGA Editor June 29, 2020 in Esports

A surprise return from first-person-shooter title Escape From Tarkov ends Just Chatting’s first place streak, once again proving the power of drops.

On the channel side, the status quo remains firm with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive coverage continuing to dominate.

Twitch’s Top Channel – Gaules

Portuguese-language coverage of CS:GO esports once again reigns supreme as the top channel, leading the second-place BLAST tournament coverage by over 3M hours watched. Brazil may still be an emerging market in terms of the global esports industry, but the region clearly has a large, passionate fanbase hungry for CSGO content.

It is also worth noting that, following the debut of each League of Legends professional league’s summer split, only Korea’s competition could remain within the Top 10, reaching 2.24M hours watched.

Twitch’s Top Content – Escape From Tarkov

After a strong launch and multiple weeks at the top, Escape From Tarkov had largely faded into the background, remaining popular but not particularly noteworthy due to a lack of esports activity. This week however, the game surged back into first place, ending a streak from the Just Chatting category that seemed virtually untouchable without a new release, or significant viewer incentive from another game.

It was the latter that once again proved successful for EFT. While drops were heavily discussed during Valorant’s record-shattering closed beta, EFT had utilized the strategy during its own launch months before to similar effect, albeit on a more reasonable scale. The game brought back its viewership incentives program on June 11, seeing a surge in viewership during that week. Now with a full week of incentivized viewership, the game returned to its original position at the top of the heap. EFT’s latest drop program ended on June 22, and so the game will likely return back to its previous level rather quickly.

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