A quick message from the team

Posted by GEVGA Editor 17 April 2020 in PUBG

Hi everyone,

We wanted to take a moment to simply say thanks.

Thank you for playing PUBG and being a part of this community. We appreciate each and every one of you.

We read your feedback daily; Community Managers, Producers, Engineers, the whole team – we love that you’re passionate and it drives us to keep pushing to make PUBG better and better.

As a small token of appreciation for your continued support, every console player who logs into PUBG from now until April 27th, 21:59 PDT / April 28th, 6:59 CEST will automatically receive a 20 level token which can be redeemed in your inventory to help you unlock some of those rewards you’ve been working towards this season. To activate your token, head to the main lobby menu and select Customize -> Utility -> ETC and redeem the item to gain the levels.

Note: After Survivor Pass 6 ends on April 24th, 2am PDT / 11am CEST, the 20 level up token will not be redeemable until Season 7 begins.

For those of you who are close to level 100 already, you can save the 20 level token and redeem it next season for an early head start.  Season 7 is on the horizon and sees the return of Vikendi alongside some awesome new content.

While new content is great, we know we haven’t met your expectations when it comes to stability and that continues to be our number one focus. On the balance side of things.. we hear you – the M249 is too strong and we’ll be toning down its power in the April update.

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